Who are we?

SustLabs is a consumer IoT company with our smart energy consumption monitoring device - "Ohm", helping homes and businesses to improve day-to-day energy efficiency and upgrade to sustainable practices.

At SustLabs, we are deeply committed to advancing towards a more sustainable future. Our vision is to lead the change in making homes globally more energy-efficient.

We understand that knowledge truly is power, especially when it comes to managing energy consumption. That’s why we’ve crafted Ohm Assistant, our intelligent bot that gives you the tools to take charge of your energy usage.

When you can identify when, where, and how to save energy, efficiency transforms from an idea to a reality. With cutting-edge Machine Learning, SustLabs simplifies those unexpected utility bills and reveals the path to savings.

Join us on this journey towards a greener, more sustainable world. Together, we can transform your home and/or business into an energy-efficient, eco-conscious, and future-ready space.

A step towards conscious living

Embracing a conscious, energy-efficient lifestyle not only leads to substantial cost savings but also fortifies your role as a steward of the environment. By curbing energy consumption, you reduce your carbon footprint and safeguard natural resources, all while enhancing your home's comfort and appeal. It's a clever choice that sets the stage for innovation and fosters energy independence—proving that a little prudence can go a long way in shaping a greener future.

Mission Innovation

SustLabs invests in innovations for energy consumption to drive a transformative shift towards creating a resilient and prosperous future. We innovate to drive significant cost savings and improved performance, while also helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change by reducing carbon emissions. Ultimately, we hope to contribute to a healthier planet and set the stage for a more sustainable, vibrant way of living and working.

Trusted by leading companies

SustLabs is leading the way in energy efficiency and smart home solutions.