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    Ohm For Home

    The Ohm Assistant App brings your home's entire electricity consumption to your fingertips. Track your daily, weekly, monthly consumption, get insights into appliance-level usage and tips to optimize your consumption.

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    Ohm For Business

    For businesses and buildings, our Energy Management Console (EMC) brings together the consumption of multiple areas or equipments to a single dashboard, along with continuous power quality analysis.

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What can Ohm do for you?

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Access Daily, Weekly, Monthly Usage History

Track your electricity consumption accurately, real-time. Ohm maintains records of your electricity usage, so you can access data at a daily, weekly or a monthly level to track and optimize consumption.

Get Appliance-level Consumption

Ohm uses Machine Learning to identify heavy appliances and give you appliance-wise breakdown of your electricity consumption - all this with a single device, and no additional hardware. It also gives your insights and nudges, so you can take the right action at the right time.

Protection From Electrical Fires

The intelligent Ohm bot is capable of predicting electrical fires at least 15 minutes in advance! It also monitors power quality continuously, and sends alerts in case of any issue. This has made Ohm the preferred choice in safety devices across many residences and commercial establishments.

Track Your Carbon Footprint

Ohm also helps keep track of your carbon dioxide emissions, so you can monitor them and take conscious steps towards reducing them and move towards a greener tomorrow. By helping save energy, Ohm contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals, set by the United Nations.

  • Step 1: Install Ohm Bot

    Get Ohm Assistant Bot installed inside the main MCB panel from a qualified electrician. Activate the smart bot by pairing your bot through WiFi.

  • Step 2: Download App

    Download the latest version of Ohm Assistant App on Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Install app on your phone and connect with the bot using your phone number.

  • Step 3: Start Monitoring

    Once logged in, get real-time units consumed, daily, monthly, weekly activity. Know your carbon footprint and get utility bill predictions to better plan your energy usage.

Seeing the unexpected

One of our user in Bangalore, owned a 55” inches television, and after a long day at work, didn’t bother to switch it off; instead kept it on standby mode for the entire night. When they once checked Ohm App they realised that the television, on its standby mode, consumed 25 watts.

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Case of Bill Exchange

A pilot by profession was confused about high energy bills even though they rarely stayed at home. Ohm helped them find out that their meter wires were connected to the neighbours' meter and they had been paying for their neighbours' consumption all along.

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