Discover the power of Ohm for home

Ohm goes beyond monitoring real-time energy usage by harnessing the power of AI-ML for intelligent tracking of home appliances to unlock the secrets hidden in your energy bills.

Experience Real-time Feedback

Take control of your energy usage with the Ohm Assistant app's real-time feedback feature. Stay informed, receive real-time alerts, and make adjustments on the go for a more efficient and sustainable lifestyle

Know Where to Cut Down

The Ohm Assistant app provides historical analysis of your appliance energy usage, helping you identify energy-intensive appliances and receive personalized recommendations for optimizing your consumption.

Track Your Energy Performance Over Time

Get daily, weekly and monthly insights into your consumption to know exactly how well you are optimizing your electricity usage. You can also track your carbon footprint on the app.

What is so special about Ohm?

Ohm Assistant uses artificial intelligence to identify specific electricity patterns in your home, and further uses machine learning to keep bettering itself to give you detailed insights into your electricity usage. It has also grown capable of predicting electrical fires 15 minutes in advance! Using Ohm Assistant, some of our users have saved their homes from fire, and also saved up to 17.5% in electricity bills.

What else is cooking?

The Ohm team is constantly working on exciting stuff, and solving problems related to electricity. Our intelligent bot is continuously learning and becoming smarter by the hour! Soon, it will be able to give you even more detailed information about your appliances, from their individual health to your neighbourhood's power quality.