Make your buildings safe, and energy efficient. Ohm can help you monitor electricity consumption in specific parts of your building, and also sends power quality reports and alerts in case of electrical fire hazards

Home Energy Monitoring as an Amenity

As a real-estate builder and developer, you can make your property stand out, by offering real-time home energy monitoring as a new amenity to you customers. Take a step towards a sustainable future by making your homes energy efficient.

Enhanced Safety for Residents

Offer intelligent homes with additional safety against electrical hazards. Protect your customers from electrical fires, and their expensive appliances from fluctuations in power quality.

For Commercial Buildings

With a network of Ohm devices and our Energy Management Console, you can track section-wise, activity-based electricity consumption. You can also offer enhanced safety to your occupants, by real-time monitoring of potential electrical hazards including fire. We can also integrate with existing Building Management Systems for convenient data monitoring.

Real-time Energy Monitoring

An energy dashboard to monitor real-time and historical energy KPIs. Use data visualization to generate deeper insights to understand energy consumption of your building.

Power Quality & Incidence Dashboard

Receive real-time alerts and notifications about deviations for multiple electrical parameters on your dashboard, for immediate corrective actions and prevention of appliance damage or electrical fires.

Monitor Common Areas and More

Get detailed data for every aspect of the common areas in your building like EV charging stations, HVAC, lighting, pumps, car parks and elevators. Track activity-based consumption.