Vacation Surprise: Ohm Flags Fridge Issue

A couple went on a holiday to a destination leaving their house with ohm assistant Bot to take care of all the home’s electronic appliances to monitor them.

The user randomly pulled the phone out of his pocket to see if everything was fine at home. He observed a surprise when there was a sudden rise in power consumption at his home.

Trying to figure out the issue, the couple kept discussing if they switched off all the appliances. They knew that the only working appliance was the refrigerator. They immediately called their neighbours to check the house and waited for a callback.

On checking, the neighbour found out that the frozen milk packet in the fridge expanded and had further pushed the refrigerator door, which led to higher power consumption.

In a typical scenario, while going on vacation, we assume that we have not used any appliances and blame the utility service provider for wrong meter readings and access bills. But remote monitoring daily can save a little of your energy bills, and such minor incidents could be tracked through Ohm assistant, making our users smarter.

All thanks to our Ohm assistant!!