Smart User's Big Find: Street Lights Share Home Power Supply

One of our users, excited to monitor his power consumption, kept tracking in the initial days. Now he knows his daily, weekly, and monthly activities very well. Through this monitoring, he found out that the daily consumption rises every evening all of a sudden with the same number of appliances being used. To know the exact cause for such deviation, he did a small exercise.

He switched off all the appliances in the house and found that the application was still showing some power consumption. Noting the time of excess consumption, he concluded that street lights were connected to his home meter. We, as users, always keep wondering which appliances are consuming more and what kind of unwanted consumption can be reduced. But the main culprit could be something else that is always hiding behind the scenes.

Our smart users always surprise us with such cases by spying a little on the user’s electronic appliances. All thanks to our Ohm assistant!!