Old appliance - A power guzzler!? Ohm Unmasks Energy Drainers

Bharat had been using OHM for about 8 months when we contacted him to understand his experience with the device. He told us that the primary reason he bought OHM was that his bills were too high, and he wanted to somehow reduce it.

Bharat never understood the reason behind his high bills when everyone in the family was so conscious and careful about electricity consumption. So it came as a shock to him when he noticed that his washing machine was consuming so much.

The machine was very old, and he had never been suspicious of its consumption. It might be the reason he never bothered to notice that it was the actual consumption monster of his house. The same was the case with his microwave, which was at least 7-8 years old. For analysing the consumption extent of the microwave, he and his family decided not to use it for a particular period, and as expected, the bills fell.

He had also been using a heat pump which was energy efficient and was supposed to consume 60% less energy. But again, when he analysed his application, he observed that the heat pump was actually not as energy efficient as it claimed to be. So Bharat could finally guess the reason for his high consumption and hopefully cut down on his bills further!!