Pump Puzzle Solved: Ohm's Keen Eye to the rescue

Mr. Mohandas Ramawarrier, a resident of Thrissur, Kerala, found himself grappling with skyrocketing utility bills. At first, he installed the Ohm bot to ensure his utility meter was functioning correctly. Once he confirmed the meter was accurate, he faced the reality of excessive power consumption in his home that needed to be addressed.

Using the Ohm app, Mr. Ramawarrier began monitoring both his overall energy usage and the performance of individual appliances. This careful analysis revealed that his geyser was the biggest power guzzler, closely followed by his water pump. He discovered that the water pump was consuming three times more energy than expected and, when used for extended periods, consumed even more power.

To tackle this issue, he first cut back on the pump's usage and later decided to replace the pump entirely. This change significantly reduced his energy consumption by 50%. Upon further investigation, Mr. Ramawarrier found that the replaced pump had been faulty, a problem that went unnoticed during installation. High power consumption often triggered alarms, which helped protect the motor from potential damage due to excess load.

Thanks to Ohm, Mr. Ramawarrier not only saved his motor from burnout but also uncovered the root cause of his energy woes. By resolving these issues, he managed to save over 200 units of energy, translating into substantial financial savings.

Mr. Ramawarrier's experience highlights how using technology like the Ohm app can help homeowners identify and address excessive power consumption, leading to more efficient and cost-effective energy use.

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