Solar Setup Sparks Concern: Voltage Alert Prevents Disaster

A user in Bangalore had a solar panel installed to reduce his energy consumption. He was a very responsible consumer and curious about his bills and hence bought the device.

Anyways, all was going well until we, on our end, noticed his voltage going up to 300 volts. The problem is that the standard voltage supply should range between 220-260. Anything beyond that can fry a device and is a fire hazard.

We were initially concerned that this might be due to the solar panel being used. But again, the solar panel installation shouldn’t affect voltage reading. OHM is installed in the main meter of the utility in the house and captures the parameters of the utility.

We flagged our concern to the consumer, warning him about the hazards that could be caused due to fire and high voltage. All thanks to our OHM assistant!! The user was able to take care of it and got rid of the possible accident in future.