Small Tweaks with Ohm , Big Savings for Home

Ganesh is one of our founder’s friends. He stays with his wife and a 4-year-old daughter in a society in Mumbai. In the initial phase of our company, we wanted to install the OHM assistant in his society on a trial basis. Being a close friend, he got it installed in his meter. Once the period of trial was over, he realised the need for the product. Being happy with the overall experience, he decided to get the device for himself.

When we approached him to take feedback on the product, he told us about the small wins he was experiencing daily because of the behavioural changes. He could now analyse his consumption.

A close analysis told him that his geyser was consuming equal to his 2 ACs combined. He was shocked, to say the least. After that, he started using his geyser more conservatively. He observed small behavioural changes, where he used to switch off the lights in the hall when in the bedroom, fill the bucket with hot water and then switch off the geyser to minimise wastage. All these small changes on his side have helped him optimise and save on electricity bills in the longer run.