Energy Data for Equipment | AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca is a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with operations distributed globally. AstraZeneca works with the conviction that the future is dependent on healthy people, a healthy society and a healthy planet, and these three elements are interconnected together. As a global business, they are harnessing the power of science and innovation, combined with their global reach to make a positive impact & towards building a sustainable future, by embedding sustainability in everything they do.

AstraZeneca is taking big steps to accelerate net zero healthcare, working on near-term targets aligned to the 1.5°C pathway, to achieve near-term emissions reduction targets and accelerate the delivery of net zero health systems. Recognizing that supply chain emissions drive over 50% of overall health care emissions, they are working to decarbonize healthcare supply chains, by aligning on a set of common supplier standards, switch to renewable power, and adopt scalable technologies, including building end-to-end care pathway emissions calculation standards through the use of digital solutions.

AstraZeneca turned to SustLabs and opted for Ohm for Business, where multiple devices have been deployed to provide insights on processes & equipment. The data derived is valuable in establishing the energy cost, and this can be tracked down to each process & each product. Evaluation of the existing processes, generally dependent on current non renewable sources to be evaluated and move towards renewable energy sources to follow.

Deploying Ohm for Business provides the data & insights that helps quantify the consumption and changes. Earlier, data was available for combined consumption recorded via utility bills, is now available for individual processes and equipment in real time, and even the energy cost involved in product manufacture, from process to batch down to unit level can be computed.
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