Facility Management | Aditya Birla Group

The Aditya Birla Group adopted Ohm for Business, the commercial solution from SustLabs, to help monitor usage at the cafeteria at their Mumbai office. The Worli facility is managed by CBRE India and in turn the cafeteria services are managed by sub-vendor Sodexo.

Earlier, the cafeteria energy requirements were met solely through fossil fuels (LPG & PNG). Renovation of the cafeteria prompted a partial shift to clean energy and a 40% migration from 100% gas to electricity made.

While tracking fossil fuel could be directly managed by the vendor, there was a challenge regarding tracking electric consumption, since the requirement was to get the specific power consumed for specific cafeteria equipment & activities, since total power consumption is billed by the utility to the main company, without internal breakup

Here Ohm for Business Bots were deployed to monitor the top 4 unique heavy kitchen equipment. Each Ohm Bot detects & relays power consumption in real-time, and live information is available in the Web-based Ohm for Business CRM dashboard. The client has found this solution to be immensely useful to monitor power consumption for specific equipment and with the accuracy of the data. Thus power charges that are billable to this sub-vendor are accurately determined here. Further, with day-wise daily reports with hourly consumption, the pattern of consumption can be monitored in real time, and this is very useful to audit usage, reduce unwanted usage, and gain insights on ways to streamline processes.

Ohm for Business is accessible via Web based CRM dashboard using an easy-to-understand interface, for both management & ground executives positioned as a real time auditing tool.
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