Energy Audit Solution | OAK Network, UK

The OAK Network Ltd., based in London, UK,  is working in the area of energy audit, and offers a subscription-based energy optimization platform with an increasing base of clients providing real-time data enabling them to reduce their consumption, to become more sustainable and save money at the same time.

Traditionally energy usage and costs have been unchecked, where variable and specific consumption remained untraced, leading to demonstrated scenarios of wastage and abusive consumption. The current milieu limits users to depend on the typical blackbox scenario, where the utility meter is the only source of energy consumption information, and deciphering usage proportional to usage (disaggregation) remains the challenge.

OAK services include monitoring dashboard OAK Insights, which includes a complete in-depth overview of the clients overall consumption along with real-time alerts and notifications, keeping clients in charge of their consumption. Additionally, Oak provides monthly reports to help the client to understand their energy consumption, effectively liberating clients from inaccuracies and guesswork arising from estimated bills. Here clients would know the exact consumption on a minute-to-minute basis.

Here, the SustLabs solution includes equipment for data collection, integrated into technology that collects & relays live consumption data parameters at standard intervals, where this data is processed & relayed back & integrated with OAK services.

The Ohm real-time energy monitoring bot is fitted in series with the main MCB (Main Circuit Breaker) Isolator. To address the special scenario of custom (larger/non standard) sized phase cables, external CT sensors (Solid Core or Split Core variants) are used for the respective phase lines. This is paired with the WiFi device (arranged by the client) which provides the always-on connection for data collection & transmission. Raw data that is routed to SustLabs Servers is processed and relayed back to the client.

Standard parameters include Total Energy Consumption (Units), Active Power (Watts) (R Phase | Y Phase | B Phase), Reactive Power (Watts) (R Phase | Y Phase | B Phase), Frequency (Hz), Voltage (Volts), Current (Amps).

The Ohm for Business solution is highly scalable from the simplest homes to large scale commercial & industrial setups, since suitable equipment can be deployed for data collection.
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