Seeing the unexpected

One of our Bangalore based users was fascinated by the product, which was the primary reason he bought it. On the other hand, his wife wasn’t pleased with the expenditure. She thought it to be her husband’s additional fascinating purchase

The couple owns a 55” inches television, and after a long day at work, they didn’t bother to switch it off; instead kept it on standby mode for the entire night.

When they once checked the OHM assistant, they realised that the television, on its standby mode, consumed 25 watts, which was shocking to them. They thought that it would hardly consume 1-2 watts. They started switching off the TV and saved 100 per month on the bills. His wife, who initially blamed him for spending too much on the OHM assistant, now herself used the analysis to check for other wasteful usages and reduce them. All thanks to OHM Assistant!!

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