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Ohm Assistant goes beyond just monitoring;

 By accurately tracking energy usage, you have a clear picture of what you're paying for and can ensure that you're being billed correctly.

Subscription plans unlock premium features of Ohm Assistant, enabling users to learn more & provide the full experience which includes real-time consumption data, analysis & appliance management.


Real-time feedback

Take control of your energy usage with the Ohm Assistant app's real-time feedback feature. Stay informed, receive real-time alerts, and make adjustments on the go for a more efficient and sustainable lifestyle


Appliance level monitoring

The Ohm Assistant app provides real-time analysis of your energy usage, helping you identify energy-intensive appliances and receive personalized recommendations for optimizing your consumption.


Appliances health issues

Ohm Assistant’s advanced feature,  VYAS also helps you identify appliance health issues, ensuring that your devices are running optimally, therefore, avoiding potential breakdowns. Enjoy improved maintenance and extend the lifespan of your electrical appliances!


Timely notifications

Stay informed and take action with timely notifications from the Ohm Assistant app. Get instant alerts about energy usage patterns, and savings opportunities, and optimize your energy management effortlessly.

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