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What is Ohm?

Ohm is your personal energy assistant that can tell you the real-time electricity consumption of your home all the way up to the appliance level on a web/app interface.

What's the warranty on the product?

1 year Warranty.

How does the process work?

Big Data compiled and dissected through Machine Learning (ML) through in-built proprietary algo helps in real time record of electricity consumption at our home.

Which all appliances can it monitor?

Ohm can monitor all heating devices like AC, Geyser, Induction Cooker, Refrigerator, fans, lights, microwave and many more.

Can I install it myself?

You can but it’s advisable to get help from trained electrician for installation.

Can I install it in my office?

Yes, you can. Please be advised the product is created for residential purposes only. User discretion required.

What are the checks that I need to do before installation?

You need to know whether you have a single / three phase connection and the sanctioned load capacity for your home.

How do I know if I have a single or three phase connection?

Please check your electricity bill for a quick answer. Alternatively, please share a photograph of your distribution box and an expert from SustLabs would be able to help you.

How do I know the Ohm devices are compatible with my sanctioned load capacity?

Ohm devices can cater to 98% of the homes across India. To be on the safer side, it is advisable to check the sanctioned load capacity of the home (which is printed on the electricity bill) and compare it with the device specifications.

Where should I install the device?

It is advisable to install it at the mains of your home. However, if you wish to use it for a specific room or another purpose you may choose to do so. It should always be after the utility meter inside the domestic circuit (typically anywhere after the circuit breaker in the meter room). Follow installation manual.

How many logins are allowed for one home / one device?

You may choose to give access to around 20 users. However, it is advisable to keep your password safe with you.

Where can I buy 1-Ohm or 3-Ohm?

You may buy it from Amazon or Flipkart. There are offline models available as well where you can buy it from SustLabs directl

Will the device help me save?

The device itself doesn’t save your electricity but our users have saved up to 39% electricity by acting on the information shared with them.

Can I challenge the utility with the information on the app?

Normally we do not see any discrepancy in the utility meter reading but should you face any glaring inconsistency, please reach out to SustLabs before approaching the utility for help.

How many days does it take before it starts detecting appliances?

The bot normally starts detecting within 7 days. In some cases, the detection process could span over 2 weeks. Please reach out to us should you face any problem.

How do I know if my appliances are in order?

You may explore the diagnostics feature to evaluate appliance health.

How do I track my electricity consumption efficiently?

Please install the widget on your mobile home screen. This will help you track the electricity consumption of your home in real-time. This is one of the most used features of the app that has maximum impact.

Is there any limit to number of connected devices?

No. There is no such limit.

Does it require wi-fi to operate?

Yes, 24X7 for the data to flow in seamlessly.

What amount of data would the device consume should it be paired to my WiFi?

The data consumption is in bytes and not even KBs or MBs

How can I verify if OHM is connected to my wi-fi?

The LED lights indicate the connection status. If it is blue, it is not connected. But, if it is green, it is connected.

Does it autoconnect to WiFi once power is restored in case of power outages?

Yes, it auto connects back.

How much space does the device occupy?

For single phase OHM (1 Ohm) the space occupied is equivalent to 3 single pole MCBs and for 3 phase OHM (3 OHM) it is equivalent to 7 single pole MCBs.

What will happen if the phase is reversed?

If the phase is reversed while installation, one would get negative values in reading.

Is it CT connected or directly connected?

It is direct connected.

Will it monitor all appliances or just one?

It will monitor all appliances when connected across mains.

Does it have battery back up?


Can this monitor solar production?

Yes, but overall solar production as import / export values.

Can this work outside India?

No, it is a Made for India product.

Can it control load / devices from the app?

No, it cannot. It is only a monitoring device.

My single house electricity has been provided by 2 energy meters. In this case how should I connect the OHM to monitor my house? Will the information merge into one account?

Two energy meters will require 2 separate Ohm devices, but information can be merged into one account.

Can I deploy it at my restaurant?

Yes, if maximum Amperes consumption is not more than 100 Amps.

What does the emoji ‘WhoAAAA’ stand for on home page?

The emoji WhoAAA alerts you about high energy consumption.

What does ‘neighbourhood’ indicate on homepage?

Neighbourhood gives data on average energy consumption for similar kids of homes in the your neighbourhood.

What does the word ‘live’ mean on the home page?

Live’ means that the data is being collected on real time basis.

‘Diagnosis’ tab on homepage means what?

The ‘diagnosis’ tab helps getting information possible energy leakage sources / option within home.

What information does one get under ‘Vyas’?

‘Vyas’ is being developed as a recording tool for all your home appliances wherein you can maintain details like make, brand, purchase date, warranty information, service date, AMC as well as star rating of the appliance.

What does the ‘Budget’ section help?

‘Budget’ section helps with energy statements, billing forecast for the month.

What does the white portion of pie chart indicate?

It includes devices on which analysis is WIP (work in progress) like fan, lights, chargers etc.

By when will the other appliances (ie. fan,light etc.) breakdown be available in pie chart?

We are currently working on the same and you can expect a release shortly.

Does the pie chart gets updated daily?

Yes, it gets updated on daily bases.

What does the Numbers indicate in pie chart?

The numbers on the pie chart indicate the percentage consumption by that appliance as compared to the total energy consumed the previous day.

Why are questions being frequently asked below the pie chart?

The questions are triggers based on energy consumption at your home that will help us boost and customize the pie chart break down feature for you.

What are the questions that appear below the appliance level consumption pie-chart?

That is a reflection of how accurately the bot is able to read and detect a specific appliance. It helps the bot to improve on its accuracy if you validate readings once in a while.

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