Future of Electricity is Digitization

Electricity being one of the most critical components for sustained economic growth in India, Government has made sustained efforts in not just setting up ambitious targets but also achieving some significant milestones such as:

Purushottam Kaushik
Published on September 11, 2019

Heartbeat of your Home – In your Hands Now!

With the phones getting smarter, it is but natural to think of smart homes as well. OHM is the solution to your queries.

Khushboo Lathia
Published on September 29, 2019

Cassandra for Real-Time Storage in Energy Analytics

It is amazing to see the volume of free information available on the internet. And, all of that comes with no physical, admission or relationship-based constraints. The only cost is curation. That's the task of curation we had in our hands at our energy-analytics start-up SustLabs with its retail product OHM.

Amruta Patil
Published on August 28, 2019

Machine Learning to make Smart Meters smarter

Disaggregation of total energy consumption of a household into individual appliances, using smart energy meters and big data analytics, can deepen energy feedback, provide real time health monitoring and eventually can also be used for a well-informed energy-aware remote home automation. One of the techniques used in this area is called non-intrusive appliance load monitoring (NILM), first introduced by George Hart in the late 1980s.

Meet Patel
Published on August 19, 2019

#Reason : 1

It felt like middle of the night when the phone rang. It was a retired scientist who lived with his wife in a peaceful suburb of Mumbai. There was a sense of urgency in his voice which triggered a gut wrenching feeling in me. My mind ran a deduction of events/ scenarios about what could possibly have gone wrong. All this even before the first sentence was uttered.

Kaushik Bose

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